14 October 2015

Otters at Berlayar Creek!

Yesterday, while walking along the boardwalk at Berlayar Creek, I saw otters swimming and playing in the creek!
Smooth-coated otters at berlayar creek
The tide was low and the otters swam quite far upstream before turning back. I caught a glimpse of one of them appearing to eat something.

Berlayar Creek boardwalk is just next to Labrador Park MRT station. Only in Singapore, we can see amazing marine creatures in the midst of the city!
The shores at the mouth of Berlayar Creek are very much alive. Here's a view of the shore, with Sentosa island opposite. It was very hazy yesterday morning.
I missed joining the team's survey at Berlayar Creek on 1 Oct due to the haze. But here are links to some of the awesome marine creatures that they saw which included Knobbly sea stars!

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