10 March 2015

Update on dead fish at Lim Chu Kang: out of sight but not out of smell

This morning, the area near the Lim Chu Kang Jetty was completely clear of trash and dead fish!
But the overpowering stench of dead rotting fish could be detected from the bus stop 100m away. I couldn't see any freshly dead fishes on the shore or floating in with the tide. Where is the smell coming from?

This is what the jetty area usually looks like.
Seen on 17 Feb 2015. The big pile of plastic bags used to contain ice.
Seen on 23 Feb 2015
Seen on 6 Mar 2015
Today, the area around the skip tank and smaller bin provided for fish farmers is neat and tidy. But the smell of dead fish is NOT coming from the tank or bin.
The area is usually not so tidy.
Seen on 4 Mar 2015
Walking just a few steps out of view of the Jetty, however, the trash and some dead fishes are still here. And thus the powerful smell of rotting fish.
Not much change from this point on going deeper into the mangroves.
The refrigerator is still there!
I didn't see any freshly dead fishes, but there were still many large dead fishes rotting away. Three large catfishes here.
Dead fish and trash.
Closer look at dead fish and trash. Many large plastic bags that used to contain sugar, rice, detergent.
Here's a video clip of the shoreline.
At the tide line, not much dead fish, but lots of incoming trash.
It's not the fault of the cleaners if the shore gets trashed again. Sigh.

More about the trash at Lim Chu Kang which includes how hypodermic needles were found here.

Here's another old post about my efforts to address the trash issue with AVA.

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