07 April 2013

Ubin Green House is no more

The beautiful colourful murals on Green House have been painted over! This is what we saw yesterday.
This is what it looked like before!
Ubin Green House
Why did this happen?

The wonderful colourful murals went all around the outside of the house including the sides.
When Grant Pereira and Grace Ang and their volunteers ran Green House, it was cosy on the inside with lots of fascinating things to see and learn. Here's a very old blog post of one of my visits to this fabulous House.
Photo by November.
November documented the transformation of the derelict old building into Ubin Green House on her Ubin Stories blog .
Photo by Adelle.
Grace Ang who was very much a part of Ubin Green House shared lots of comments about the house on my facebook post here and here.

Thanks to Lim Wee Cheong who posted on facebook, we learn that tenancy of the house has been changed and the winner of the tender is LHN Properties Investments Pte Ltd, the house ostensibly to be used for "Shop, Restaurant / Cafe".
Click on images for larger view.

What happened to Ubin Green House?

Here's some online information that I found ...

In 24 Sep 08, Grant Pereira sent an email to all members of the Green Volunteers Network, to share that as of January 2009, he was joining Nature Society (Singapore) to start a sub-group of Nature Society as “The Green Volunteers”. As a result, the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) would transfer Ubin Green House to Nature Society and Grant would be in charge of running it.

In a subsequent email in Dec 2009, Grant Pereira announced a parting of ways with the Nature Society.

On 3 Jan 2010, the Ubin Stories blog reported that the care and charge of Ubin Green House has now been taken over by the Nature Society (Singapore) who has taken over the temporary occupation license (TOL) with SLA. The use of the house was undetermined at the time.

I am sure others who are more intimately involved in the events and issues will know more about what happened and have their own perspectives on it.

Update: This photo sparked an online conversation and exchange of information that eventually revealed that some villagers at Pulau Ubin were being served with notice of eviction for development of "Adventure Park". Ivan Kwan has consolidated conversations and information shared on social media on this separate issue. Read Ivan's post on the Lazy Lizard's Tails blog for all the details.

More about Pulau Ubin on wildsingapore: how to get there and what to see and do. Appreciate Pulau Ubin before it's lost!


  1. Such a waste. Did grant get played out by the NSS ?

  2. Indeed a loss. Grant shared his thoughts in this post http://thegreenvolunteers.blogspot.sg/2009/12/email-sent-by-grant-to-nature-society.html

  3. I believe things changes and too I believe that the new owner is making it a better place. Although the painting is gone and effort is waste the place is developed into a better ground



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