16 April 2013

Earth Day school talk: Sharing about our shores

This afternoon, I had a great time sharing about our shores with 1,000 students and teachers of New Town Secondary School!
Thanks to April Goh (at the podium) for inviting me to speak as part of the school's Earth Day Celebrations!

Here's some of the lively students as they were settling down for the talk.

Uh oh, just before my talk, they gave out prizes for some really great cartoons highlighting how to Speak Good English. It was too late for me to fix all the Singlish in my slides. Oops.
Anyway, I gave a much shorter version of my usual talk. And from their response, I think I should shorten it even further and make more lame jokes.
Wow, this the largest group that I've spoken to so far. This photo is only half of the hall! They were kind and laughed at my silly jokes and I hope they enjoyed my talk.

Yes, Singapore has wild dolphins, otters, dugongs, sea turtles and more!.
And anyone can make a difference for our shores!
Simply Explore, Express and ACT!

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