24 September 2012

Help needed for bulk purchase of Southern Shores guidesheet

'Singapore got marine life, meh?' I give out this 'blue pamphlet' to show that we do! But I've run out of copies to give away and need to reprint them.
Guide to the Southern Shores of Singapore (2012 edition)
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While I can pay for some, I need help to make up the minimum order of 5,000 copies. Are you interested in bulk purchases of this pamphlet at cost price?

The pamphlet contains more than 100 photos of our marine life that can be seen at high and low tide. It also includes information about some of our Southern Islands that ordinary people can visit, tips on how to be a gentle visitor and how to make a difference for our wild shores: explore, express and act!
Guide to the Southern Shores of Singapore (2012 edition)
Click on image for larger view
This new edition includes a feature on diving in Singapore thanks to photos provided by Debby Ng of the Hantu Bloggers. The Blue Water Volunteers were involved from the first print of the pamphlet in 2004.
Folded for handy reference in the field, the guidesheet is also available unfolded as a poster.

I give out these posters and guidesheets during talks.
 They are also given out during guide training sessions.
I also give them out as a useful aid for safety briefings before TeamSeagrass and other field trips to our reefs. I challenge participants to find the stonefish in the pamphlet, and discuss some of the dangers in interacting with the various marine life featured in the pamphlet.

So far, efforts to sell the pamphlet have not been successful. So I'm just giving them out for free.

For this reprint, I am hoping to support the good effort by the folks at Greenprints who use paper from sustainable sources like sugarcane waste, and use green technology low energy consumption printing machines.

Their quote is
$4,000 for minimum 5,000 copies or 80cents per pamphlet
$5,100 for minimum 8,000 copies or 64cents per pamphlet

I can only afford to pay for 2,000 copies, from my personal funds.

There is a shortfall of 3,000 copies before I can make the minimum order of 5,000 copies. 

Are you interested in making bulk pre-order of this pamphlet? Do you know of anyone who may be interested?

You will only be paying the print cost. All other costs such as photos, writing, layout are contributed free of charge by volunteers.

At a print cost of 80cents per pamphlet, it will cost:
$800 for 1,000 copies
$400 for 500 copies
$80 for 100 copies

Of course, if we do manage to get an order for 8,000 copies, then the unit price drops for everyone.

I think the pamphlets will be great to give out during talks, workshops, classes; at field trips, exhibitions. They also make great year-end presents as they are cheap and send out an important message to everyone: Singapore GOT marine life!

If you can help make bulk purchases, please email me at hello@wildsingapore.com by 1 Oct 2012.

Thank you!

Update 26 Sep - within two days, as a result of kind support from so many people, we have reached our minimum of 5,000 copies! But please do email me if you would like to pre-order bulk purchases, we can print as many as is needed. I will send the pamphlet for printing on 1 Oct, pay for the full print run first, and deliver the copies to those who pre-ordered after that. Before 15 Oct or in early November. Thank you to all the kind souls who supported this print run!

Update 1 Oct - hurray! We have enough to order a print run of 8,000 copies. Thank you to the many kind and generous people who have made this possible!

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