11 August 2012

Singapore got wildlife meh?

A wonderful video clip for teachers and others to use in raising awareness of Singapore's biodiversity and answering that typical question we often hear.

Lovingly put together by David Tan, Jocelyne Sze and Eunice Soh, it features clips and photos shared by local nature lovers and covers the amazing biodiversity found in Singapore's land and sea.

From the YouTube page of the clip:

A community project based on the contributions of Singapore's naturalist community, this documentary explores a simple question that Singaporeans often ask - "Singapore got wildlife, meh?" and sheds some light on the amazing animals found in Singapore, from the elusive common palm civet to the elegant blue-spotted fantail ray.

This is also Singapore's first ever crowd-sourced nature documentary, bringing together the photos and video footage volunteered by nature enthusiasts from all over Singapore to tell the story of Singapore's surprisingly rich natural heritage.

The clip was first featured during the Festival of Biodiversity.


  1. Surprisingly, Singapore produces some of the best books on mangrove flora & fauna. We have a lot of mangrove and researchers in Sabah, but sadly, most of them are more interested in working inside air-conditioning office.

  2. Thanks for this encouragement Murphy. Sabah has such gorgeous wildlife! It is hard work to put out books so I do understand. Hopefully there will be people who will put Sabah's amazing biodiversity in print!



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