04 May 2012

Sharing about our shores with SAJC

This morning, I had the pleasure of sharing about our shores with about 600 students and staff at the St. Andrews Junior College, thanks to Gerald Wong's kind invitation.
I also had a chance to listen to Eugene Heng of Waterways Watch Society!

As usual, I spend some time during my talk on my favourite shore, Cyrene Reef. Which has spectacular seagrass meadows and other ecosystems, and in many ways is the Chek Jawa of the South, despite it being located in the middle of the Industrial Triangle.
Despite the many threats that face them, we still have many marvellous shores. And each of us can make a difference to share about our shores. The best way to act is to be a nature guide! Both in the field and indoors. There's lots more on how anyone can explore, express and act for our shores! Visit the wildsingapore website for more information.
I was glad to have a chance to listen to Eugene explain the importance of water and the wonderful work being done by his Waterways Watch Society! Among the key issues the Society deals with is littering.
Litter in freshwater is just as heartbreaking and dangerous as litter on the seashores! We can all do our bit by simply disposing of litter in the correct manner. And of course, produce LESS garbage by reducing, reusing and recycling.
Find out more about Waterways Watch Society on their website. They are also on facebook!
It's been a very long long long time since I attended morning school assembly. There was a very inspiring talk to encourage everyone to do their best in the upcoming exams. Despite the pressures of study, I'm grateful the teachers give time for us to share about other issues with the students.
Grateful thanks to Gerald for giving me the opportunity to speak, and especially for his kind personal donation towards the Naked Hermit Crabs! His donation will allow the Crabs to share our free boardwalk tour at Chek Jawa with about 50 kids and mums and dads. Hurray!

Tomorrow we start another series of low spring tide trips! Can't wait to see what we will encounter on our marvellous shores!

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