14 November 2010

Sharing about our shores at TMSI

How delightful to share about our shores at the Tropical Marine Science Institute who are running a programme for ordinary people to get involved as part of their outreach effort.
It was particularly enjoyable because we got to go to TMSI facilities at St. John's Island for the session!

I had a great time at the talk, thanks to the patient audience. I also enjoyed the interesting questions. I learnt a lot from Dr Serena Teo who explained more about invasive species, and shared more about exciting projects such as one to try to encourage marine growths on Singapore enormously long artificial seawalls.

After the talk, we had a very quick look at some of the ongoing research at TMSI. We get a peek at the tiny bits of corals that are being cultivated in a tank.
The coral pieces are quite small. It makes me better appreciate how slowly hard corals grow, and be amazed at some of the large and beautiful corals we seen in the wild.
We also had a look at Mei Lin's giant clam babies.
Wow, they're quite big already!
Thank you to Dr Serena Teo for the kind invitation and Jun Lin for the arrangements to be a part of the programme.

At the ferry terminal, we got a good look at the massive reclamation project at Pasir Panjang Container Terminal.
I had also given this talk a few weeks earlier at the MSc (Life Sciences) Environmental Science specialisation course at the kind invitation of Dr Beverly Goh. It was a great pleasure to give this talk because of the many MANY MANY interesting questions from the very enthusiastic audience. Some of the questions really made me think. I entirely forgot to take photos of the group!
But after the talk, there was a little birthday celebration despite the very late hour. I'm in awe of this dedicated group of adult students who are doing this course in addition to their day jobs, and are still so energised. Bravo!

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