31 July 2010

Pulau Ubin - Singapore's last kampong!

The latest issue of BeMUSE Jul-Sep 10 has an article about the kampong houses of old Singapore!
"The Village View: Recalling the Local Farm House" by Kelvin Ang Kah Eng, Urban Redevelopment Authority highlights Pulau Ubin as one of the last places in Singapore to see "some remaining examples of Singapore Malay and Chinese farmhouses in a traditional rural setting."

On Pulau Ubin, he says, "one can find a good representation of these traditional and functional forms of buildings".
Visiting the island gave the author a cherished reminded of his childhood visits to Hailam Sua with its farmhouses in the rambutan plantations, as well as brings to life scenes from those early Malay films.

It's nice to know that Pulau Ubin's unique cultural heritage is appreciated by someone at URA!

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