13 May 2010

Massive oil storage to be located near Pulau Jong

Pulau Sebarok will be site of Very Large Floating Structures (VLFS) to store oil and petrochemicals, JTC Corporation has decided. This is very close to Pulau Jong, one of the last few untouched reefs in Singapore.
Pulau Sebarok from Pulau Jong
The storage tanks of Pulau Sebarok
lie just off the rich reefs on Pulau Jong.

Among the special marine life on Pulau Jong is a Giant clam (Tridacna maxima) that may be the last of its kind in our waters.

Pulau Sebarok is currently used for onshore storage by Dutch terminal operator Vopak and PetroChina-owned Singapore Petroleum Company.
Other natural shores nearby include the Sisters Islands, St. John's Island, Pulau Tekukor. There is also marinelife on the Semakau seawall facing Pulau Sebarok.

JTC studies earlier ascertained that to be economical, the minimum storage capacity of a VLFS should be 300,000 cubic metres, or equivalent to that of a very large crude carrier. The VLFS would comprise two rectangular modules, each measuring 180m by 80m by 15m, and with 150,000 cu m capacity.

The tender for the structures is to go out as early as year-end or early next year. The floating storage is intended to meet "increased demand for oil storage by traders" while overcoming shortage of land.

From Pulau Sebarok to be site of petrochemicals storage EPC tender for the structures to go out as early as year-end or early next year, Ronnie Lim, Business Times 13 May 10;

What is a VLFS? Will it be safe?
More details in this earlier post.

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