22 April 2010

Podcast of Life: Coral Reefs by EOL

Can reefs spring back from devastating bleaching events? The latest Podcast of Life from the Encyclopedia of Life features coral reefs and the work of Ari Daniel Shapiro and researcher Dr.Randi Rotjan of the New England Aquarium,.

The Coral Podcast also has educational materials for teachers to use in classes of varying age groups, covering topics such as "Introduction to Coral Reefs" and "Pros and Cons of Artificial Reefs".

And on the page for Extras there are links to a great interactive site for kids on reefs called WhyReef!

As well as a delightful project called the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef.
The glorious "Chicago Reef" has been created by more than 100 individual crafters from across the Windy City. During spring and summer of 2007, Chicagoans from all walks of life took up hooks and began to make their own hyperbolic coral forms.

Check out their blog too!

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