05 November 2009

Soil sampling very close to Cyrene Reef, 9-24 Nov 09

Soil sampling is to take place very close to Cyrene Reefs.
The sampling activity will also include areas close to Pulau Bukom, as well as up the East Jurong Channel.
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The purpose of the sampling is not indicated. Among the possible reasons why soil sampling is being undertaken include preparations for any of these activities: pipelines, dredging, construction projects, cable routing, environmental and hydrographic surveys.

More about Cyrene Reef and the marvellous marine life found there.

Vibro coring for soil samples at East Jurong Channel, West Keppel Fairway and Jong Fairway
from Port Marine Notice No. 159 of 2009 dated 5 Nov 09

With effect from 9 Nov 09 to 24 Nov 09. 9 hours daily (0900hrs to 1800hrs) excluding Sundays and Public Holiday. East Jurong Channel, West Keppel Fairway, Jong Fairway and its vicinity (see attached chartlet, above):

The work boats Takamaru 2, AB 2 and Tolak Sayang will deploy vibro core frames on the sea bed to gather samples. A safety boat will be deployed to advise all craft to keep clear of the working area. Further general enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr Lim Yong Chuan, the project manager at Tel: 9680 3288 (email: administration@usurv.com.sg).

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