25 October 2009

Reclamation at Jurong Island near natural sites, continues until Feb 10

Works that began in Aug 09 continues to Feb 2010.The reclamation area is very close to what seems to be two natural submerged reef: Terumbu Pidara and Terumbu Chawan, as well as a natural island called Pulau Buaya. Google Earth view.

Reclamation at Ayer Chawan Basin, Jurong Island
from Port Marine Notice No. 151 OF 2009 dated 23 Oct 09

This is an extension to PMN No. 117 of 2009. The working area and working period have been revised.

With effect from 24 Oct 2009 to 28 Feb 2010. 12 hours daily (0630hrs to 1830hrs) including Sundays and Public Holidays. At Ayer Chawan Basin and its vicinity, (see attached chartlet):

Deposition works will entail sand filling by hopper barges with bottom opening method. There will be occasional survey work carried out by DHI survey vessel as required. Proper precautions will be in place and keeping a safe working distance from all vessels when such operations are carried out. A safety boat will be deployed to advise all craft to keep clear of the working area. Further general enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr Tan Cheong Chye, the project manager at Tel: 9725 8184 (email: cheongchye@jtc.gov.sg).

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