10 September 2009

A Better World?

There's a series of fascinating articles in the New Scientist exploring ideas for a Better World.
Over the next three weeks, New Scientist will explore diverse ideas for making the world a better place, and the evidence backing them.

This week, we look at some radical ideas for transforming society and changing the way countries are run. We also examine the state of the world as it is today, to see whether things are getting better or worse.
1. Beware of common sense
2. Legalise drugs
3. Give the Police your DNA
4. Redefine the bottom line - better ways of measuring progress than simply looking at wealth
5. Find out if we can cool the planet - we need to do our homework rather than simply assume geoengineering can stave off disaster
6. Tax carbon and give the money to the people - Goods should be taxed to reflect the damage they do to the planet, with revenues redistributed to society
7. Learn to love genetic engineering
8. End the pillaging of the high seas - We must put a stop to the free-for-all out on the oceans to have any chance of saving their riches from the ravages of climate change
9. Generate a feed-in-frenzy - Paying people who generate green energy and feed it back to the grid is the best way to boost uptake of renewable energy
10. Take Friday off ... forever - The four-day week could boost employment, save energy and make us happier.

Visit the New Scientist for the full articles.

Next week, we'll report on what you as an individual can do to make a difference. Then we'll explore what many see as the fundamental problem: overpopulation. And finally, we'll ponder the profound and long-lasting changes we are making to our home planet.

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