14 August 2009

Nine designated water-skiing areas in Singapore waters

With a new site located off Sentosa's Siloso Beach. MPA has also issued a list of regulations on water-skiing in the designated areas, mostly relating to safety.

Water Skiing in Singapore Port Waters
from Port Marine Notice No. 10 of 2009 dated 13 Aug 09
1 Water-skiing activities which include wake-boarding are growing in popularity as a sea sport. With effect from 13 Aug 2009, MPA has designated 9 water-skiing areas including one new site located south of Sentosa (see Appendices 1 to 7). To ensure safety of the water-skiers, any person operating a pleasure craft involved in water-skiing activities shall comply with the following:

(a) Water-skiing shall only be carried out during daylight hours (0700 hrs to 1900 hrs) and within the designated water-skiing sites;

(b) Proceed in a counter-clockwise direction as shown in Appendices;

(c) Ensure that in addition to the pleasure craft driver, there is another person in the pleasure craft of at least 15 years of age, who is in a position to observe the progress of the person being towed;

(d) Ensure that all skiers put on life-vests at all times;

(e) Maintain a good look out at all times and shall keep well clear of other waterskiers and swimmers; and

(f) Comply with the International Collision Regulations when overtaking and taking
action to avoid collision.

2 In pursuant to regulation 53 of the MPA (Pleasure Craft) Regulations 1997, the Port Master hereby directs that any person operating a pleasure craft when involved in waterskiing activities shall comply the requirements stated in para 1 of this circular. Any person who fails to comply with this direction shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000.

3 All vessels other than pleasure craft involved in water-skiing activities shall keep well clear of the designated water skiing sites.

4 Port Marine Circular No. 16 of 2006 will be cancelled with effect from 13 Aug 2009.

Appendices with locations of designated water-skiing areas

Near the Second Causeway and Raffles Marina.
Off the submerged reefs near Pulau Hantu.
Off Pulau Seletar.Off Sembawang.
Off Punggol island.Off Pulau Sarimbun and the Western Catchment.
Off Sentosa.

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