15 August 2009

Abandoned fishing line kills barn owl

Another victim of an irresponsible fisherman.Ivan highlighted this stomp post on his blog with lots of background about barn owls and abandoned fishing lines in Singapore.

This stomp post is also discussed on the hardwarezone forum.

Sadly this is not the first incident. The Bird Ecology Study Group blog has shared incidents of other birds killed in abandoned fishing lines including a hornbill, Javan myna and heron and little heron and a buffy fish owl.

Fortunately Tan Tien Yun is leading a group of concerned fishermen to raise awareness among local fishermen and encourage more environmental-friendly practices among them. They are working hard on setting up their group and we should soon be hearing more about them and their work. Bravo TY and friends!

This issue was also reported in the media: Saving birds from careless anglers, Straits Times 11 Jul 09.

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