10 July 2009

Sentosa - the Big Picture

It was a lovely morning on Sentosa's last stretches of natural shores. So I took lots of landscape photos.
We started at the stretch near the cable car tower, which has since been affected by reclamation for the Integrated Resort. The golden lights are from Vivio City and the white lights look like some sort of dormitory for the Integrated Resort.

It's a full moon morning, and here's a view of the lights of Labrador which lies just across this shore.
At sunrise, we are near a large patch of branching corals just outside Underwater World.
How ironic that we are spending huge sums of money to create "entertainment". While nature has provided boundless variety and ever changing discoveries on the same shore.
The narrow channel separating this Sentosa shore from the mainland is heavily trafficked by cruise ships and other work boats.
Here's another large cruise ship with Labrador in the background.
As the sun rises, we head out to the Tanjung Rimau beacon on a natural pebbly shore edged with natural cliffs cloaked in our very own coastal trees and plants growing wild.
The rock formations here are quite astonishing.
And the tenacious coastal plants clinging to the constantly changing cliff makes for a picturesque photo especially in the golden morning sun.
At the edge of the cliff are reefs. Here's a view of the living reefs of Tanjung Rimau facing Labrador.
Rounding the point, the natural shores are shady and cool. Which is nice for me, but doesn't make for as spectacular a photo.
This is the shore where TeamSeagrass and the Naked Hermit Crabs conduct their activities.

More about marinelife seen during the trip.

Activities directly impacting these shores include:
Fortunately, these works seem to have been completed.
Additional pressures on marinelife here include

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