24 July 2009

Getting there and back in one piece

It's really tough finding someone who is willing and able to get us to our weird destinations.Submerged reefs such as Terumbu Raya are particularly tricky!

We have to judge the tide accurately, have a dinghy AND an experienced person to find a safe spot for us to land without killing the reefs or stepping on stingrays or stonefishes.

Fortunately, we have found Alex of Summit Marine and his friendly team to take us there and back alive. In shine or rain (like today).
He insists we wear these spiffy orange life vests, which not only keep us safe, but also warm on wet days. Swee Hee looks ready to explore the Arctic.
The well equiped boat that takes us out is called Boon Teik. And for our weird trips, the key additional element is the Little White Bunny aka the Dinghy which rides behind us on the way there and back.
The boat trips are really luxury class compared to the usual mode of transport we get. Martyn here is just trying to break my camera. He is actually having a fun time.
Here's Jumari taking charge of the big boat. He also brings us to the shore on the dinghy with great skill. Thye skippered the boat the previous trips, but he's not here for the trips over the last few days.
Instead, I finally get to meet Alex who runs Summit Marine! Alex has been not only highly efficient in supporting our weird outings. But also supportive of our efforts to reach out for our shores.
He not only put up the Guidesheet to our Southern Shores on their very well equipped kitchen, but also gives out this guidesheet to people who hire his boats! He has also added a link to wildsingapore on his Summit Marine website.
Well, this morning we have another safe, injury-free trip as we dock at the swank Marina at Keppel Bay.
Here's a final quick look at the Boon Teik, now our favourite boat!
Summit Marine also does leisure trips for fishing, diving, corporate functions and other trips to our Southern shores. He has special packages during the school holidays too. Visit his website for the latest promotions and packages.

Thanks Alex and team for getting us there and back safely!

Also thanks to Stephen who in the first place found Alex and introduced him to us.

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