16 May 2009

Woodlands Mangroves: Brownlowia tersa

The first time I saw this plant, I didn't realise it was THAT special. Dr John Yong confirmed that it is Brownlowia tersa, which is listed as 'Endangered' in the Red Data Book. The plant was still flowering today like it was when I first saw it. I was hoping to see fruits, but I didn't see any. I only saw several stumpy stalks like the one in the lower left photo. Are the flowers not setting into fruits?

There are two (or maybe three) large bushes in the centre of the mangroves which is a little more open to the sunlight. They are about 3m tall.
The bushes were flowering, even shorter branches that are covered in silt were producing blossoms.
I came across this gathering of tiny little grasshoppers near a flowering stem.
Alas, I also noticed several broken off stems with dried dead leaves.
A closer look suggests that the stems were not broken off by the wind.
The stems look like they were peeled. By some sort of animal?
Nearby, next to a large tree, was another small bush.
Let's hope these special plants continue to do well in this tiny mangrove. I also checked up on the Sonneratia caseolaris trees in these mangroves today.

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