28 April 2009

Sustainable Singapore and our shores

Today, the Sustainable Development Blueprint was unveiled involving various aspects such as
  • Improving Resource Efficiency so that we can grow with fewer resources
  • Improving the Quality of Our Environment by controlling pollution and improving our physical landscape
  • Building Up Our Knowledge in how to grow in a more environmentally friendly way
  • and Encouraging Community Ownership and Participation.
What about our natural heritage, biodiversity and our shores?

Under "Our feedback to your response" and the heading "Greenery and Biodiversity" are three points:
  • Encourage community gardening / farming.
  • Plant trees that can provide more shading.
  • Conserve our natural biodiversity
For the third item, the details are:
NParks will be developing the Singapore National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan to guide the efforts at conserving our natural heritage over the next 10 to 15 years. The Action Plan includes conducting new research and documentation as well as promoting public awareness and appreciation of Singapore’s biodiversity.
And how does the report define 'sustainable development'?
Sustainable development for Singapore means growing our city state in a way that:
  • Is efficient: we develop with less resources and waste
  • Is clean: we develop without polluting our environment
  • Is green: we develop while preserving greenery, waterways and our natural heritage

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Media reports on the launch are on wildsingapore news. You can download the report from the Sustainable Singapore website.

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