22 April 2009

Earth Day with the Public Service Division

I had the pleasure and honour of sharing about our shores with the Public Service Division this morning.
As part of their monthly breakfast lectures, they specifically invited me because it was Earth Day. It was particularly special as PS (PSD) Ms Lim Soo Hoon took the time to stay on for my little sharing. The staff were also very welcoming and encouraging with their attention and questions.

We talked about our many splendid shores from the South to the North, the spectacular marine life including BIG sexy stuff like sea turtles, dolphins, dugongs, otters and corals mass spawning. Also some of the issues impacting them such as abandoned drift nets, collection and vandalism.
And since PSD is involved in issues such as scenario planning and World Singapore, I also talked about how Singapore can play a leading role regionally in sustainably developing shores. Singapore, after all, lies in Southeast Asia with vast coastlines which provide income for huge populations and which includes the Coral Triangle. And we have wonderful shores such as Cyrene Reefs despite being a world class port and petrochemicals producer, and can thus lead the way in developing while protecting shores.

After the talk, staff shared about encounters with driftnets near Pulau Ubin, as well as the beauty of Sultan Shoal, and asked about our outreach work. PS also kindly asked me to share about how I got started in working for our shores. The long answer is here. And immediately after the talk, I'm already getting email about the issues from participants. I'm greatly encouraged!

Thanks especially to Shuying for arranging for me to give the talk! And Sheryn for taking care of all the details.

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