10 January 2009

People as polyps: gatecrashing the Hard Coral Workshop

After the Cyrene field trip, Sijie and I dropped by the Hard Cnidarian Workshop. Organised by November of the Leaf Monkey Workshop, Jeffrey Low our Coral Guru was giving tonight's lecture.I felt really bad missing Jeff's lecture, but got there just in time to catch some of the interactive sessions!

The room was packed with people hot on hard corals, discussing ways on how to share about them in fun and interesting ways. Everyone came up with lots of hilarious jokes and catchy ways to share about corals.There was some really cool role playing!

And then it was time for Coral Charades! Corals being colonial animals, the entire team had to come together to charade about different kinds of corals.
Can you guess what these are?This rather complicated one gave lots of clues!And a sketch of a little lost fish explained this complex concept!A very active illustration...And lights out explained these odd polyps.What a fantastic bunch of participants, with zany group names, and a marvellous session organised by November with Jeff!

Here's a group photo of all the People Polyps at low tide...And at high tide!
The next workshop is a 'fishy' one!

6 Feb (Fri)
7pm - 10pm
The Fishy Workshop by Jeffrey Low.

Jeff is the co-author of "A Guide to Common Marine Fishes of Singapore" so do come for this workshop to learn and have fun!

Visit the Leafmonkey Workshop site for more details and join the mailing list for updates of these workshops.

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  1. haha i like the polyp people at high tide and low tide! how apt!! :D



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