20 December 2008

Sunny day in the South

A glorious blue-sky day out in the Southern Islands and even the saddest situations look nice.
The smoke stacks of Jurong Island with a large container barge on its way to our container terminals.Reclamation off Pasir Panjang to extend our container terminals.With enormous pilings and giant mountains of sand.Workers on the Pasir Panjang extension clinging precariously to the sides of the newly constructed portions of the wharves.Pulau Bukom with the submerged Cyrene Reefs which lie in the middle of a triangle of Jurong Island, Pasir Panjang port and Pulau Bukom. All that can be seen of Cyrene is the big orange beacon and the top of the stack of concrete piles left on the Reef (the little black patch on the right).This is what Cyrene Reef looks like at super low tide with the orange beacon and the big stack of concrete pillars, taken on an earlier trip to Cyrene Reef.
Our destination was Pulau Semakau. The tide was high but the blue skies made for a glorious view, even with Pulau Bukom in the background.More of Pulau Bukom next to Pulau Semakau's wild mangroves.
There was a small boat possibly with fishermen off Pulau Semakau's reefs. The broad darker blue stripe are the seagrass meadows on Pulau Semakau, while the deeper blue marks deeper waters where the reefs lie.The large oil rig off Pulau Semakau doesn't look so ominous under a blue sunny sky.From the southern most tip of Pulau Semakau, a closer look at the gianormous oil rig.A view of Pulau Bukom across from the huge lagoon on the Semakau Landfill.Parked off Pulau Semakau and near Pulau Biola off Raffles Lighthouse is a huge ship.Discharging something into the sea.Although budak highlighted what could be the Southernmost loo in Singapore, this loo is even more Southerly. If the loo had a window it would make for a most spectacular view.

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