02 October 2008

Work on Sungei Punggol dam continues

Construction at Sungei Punggol and the Punggol Islands which began in Apr 08 continues until Apr 09.

This is part of the "$7.13m project to create reservoir park with man-made floating island by 2010". According to media reports "When ready, the floating island, which is about half the size of a football field, will also have a wetland - a natural habitat for fishes and birds."

"The S$7.13 million project is part of PUB's long-term initiative known as the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (or ABC Waters) programme which aims to transform bodies of water into beautiful streams, rivers and lakes."

Dredging and Marine Construction Works at Sungei Punggol, Pulau Punggol Barat and Pulau Punggol Timor
From Port Marine Notice No. 185 of 2008 dated 2 Oct 08

This is a revision of Port Marine Notice No. 80 of 2008. The working period has been extended.
With effect from 15 Oct 08 to 14 Apr 09 at Sungei Punggol, Pulau Punggol Barat and Pulau Punggol Timor, within the working areas in plan attached.
Dredging of the riverbed and seabed of Sungei Punggol will be carried out by the grab dredger. Piling works, reinforced concrete structural works, ancillary works for construction of cofferdam for gate house construction, dam construction and riverbed protection will be carried out across the mouth of Sungei Punggol. Piers 6 and 5 (partial) of Marina Country Club will be temporarily removed to facilitate the project works. They will be re-instated on completion of project works. Further enquiries relating to the operation can be directed to Mr. T. Matsumoto, the project engineer at Tel. 9229 6195. (Email: t_matsumoto@shimzcivil.com.sg)
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