09 October 2008

October Octopusday: Celebrating Cephalopods

My favourite animal group has its special day! (albeit unofficial). Thanks to the heads up from Rick MacPherson, with links to Jason Robertshaw's awesome Cephalopodcast blog with lots of details of how you can celebrate the day.

And Singaporeans will be pleased to know that among the Top 10 Things You Can Do on Cephalopod Appreciation Day is to Taste a Cephalopod. Can Eat! Although attempting to eat one alive can be tricky...
Burrowing snake-eel (Pisodonophis crancrivorous)

My favourite Top 10 is "Engage in Proper Cephalopod Pluralization": we say "one octopus", so do we say "two octopuses, octopi or octopodes"? And no, it's definitely NOT octopussies.

There's also lots of links to more info about cephalopods. And Jason also welcomes submissions of blog posts about cephalopods to celebrate the day. Visit cephalopodcast for all the details.

In Singapore, more info about our cephalopods in the Singapore Celebrates our Reefs blog
Happy Cephalopod Day!
An octopus in his garden

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