04 September 2008

Your special shore sightings for the Record

Seen something special on our shores? Tell the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research!
Their Singapore Biodiversity Records Database has lots of interesting entries including these pretty fishes observed during our June trip to Cyrene Reef! So share YOUR special sightings on this Database.

Here's more on how to contribute your sighting record (from the Nature in Singapore website)

Compulsory information include:
  • Number of individuals
  • General locality (Ria's comment: In my experience, providing the lat long data from google earth is the most fool proof way to share location data.)
  • Name of observer/s
  • Date of observation
  • Attach digital image (max size 1 MB), or general description (in the absence of images)
The Record is part of the Nature in Singapore website which also announces their new publication.Nature in Singapore (NiS) is a new, refereed, online journal of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research.

Nature in Singapore will publish articles on the flora and fauna (e.g., biology, botany, zoology, ecology and conservation biology) of the Republic of Singapore.

In particular, articles on new sightings, new records or rediscoveries of nationally extinct species of animals and plants.

The journal will also publish articles from outside Singapore that deal with taxa whose natural distributions include Singapore.

NiS consists of a single volume each year, starting with Volume 1 this year. Articles in this volume include:
  • Rediscovery of Dumeril’s monitor
  • Aberrant behaviour of a female great hornbill and a female rhinoceros hornbill.
  • Attitudes towards biological conservation of one class of National University of Singapore undergraduate students.
  • The Nature Society (Singapore) and the struggle to conserve Singapore’s nature areas.
Contributions of articles are welcome.

To prepare the articles, authors are referred to the Instructions to Authors, and manuscripts may be submitted to the Editor, Associate Professor Hugh Tan at hughtan@nus.edu.sg.

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