18 July 2013

Singapore crab in “Merveilleux crabes”

Thanks to Sophie Leonard our humble Mound crab is featured in a french book on crabs by Catherine Vadon.
Sophie says: in French “Merveilleux crabes” means “Marvelous crabs”. How delightful!

Here's the page with the photo of the beautiful purple Mound crab (Sarmatium germaini) that we saw at Kranji Nature Trail in Feb 2011.
At that time, I didn't know what it was.
Mound crab (Sarmatium germaini)
Sadly, it's listed as 'Endangered' in Singapore due to the loss of its preferred mud lobster mound habitat.

I'm so glad my photos are useful to marine outreach and studies. Here's more about how your photos CAN make a difference for conservation.

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