06 April 2013

Crab-eating monkey with 'crab'!

For first time, I saw a monkey handling a crab-like creature from the seashore! The commonly encountered Long-tailed macaque is also called the Crab-eating macaque and is quite at home in the mangroves and along the shore.
Today, I saw this monkey holding onto what seems to be a horseshoe crab moult.

It gave the moult a little nibble.
Although Horseshoe crabs are not true crabs, but this is the first time I've seen a macaque handling a crab-like animal from the seashore!
All this excitement happened during the FREE monthly tour by the Naked Hermit Crabs on the Chek Jawa boardwalk. One of the dads spotted the monkey and by keeping quiet we managed to observe it for some time.
Oo, Ivan has found a spider that looks like an ant!
Hmm, some of the kids takes a bit of convincing before they agree with Ivan that it is not actually an ant.
We really had a super great time today during the drawing session with the kids!
Here's some of the proud and talented artists with their work. I'm constantly amazed at how much the kids notice and remember of the walk.
This young lady was drawing all the stuff she saw in neat rows.
Today, we were joined by four of Pei Yan's students from CHIJ Katong Convent. This is their first experience at being a nature guide. They are tagging along with the Naked Hermit Crab guides to learn how to conduct nature guiding. They picked up many interesting information and hopefully, they will start guiding slowly in the next session.
Left to right: Sharina, Sarah Hyder, Sheyenne and Alexandra
Photo by Heng Pei Yan
On the way home, we managed to get a glimpse of one of the tamer wild boar that usually hangs around Chek Jawa. Alas, we didn't see Mama wild boar and her piglets on this trip. I hope they are ok.
[Update: I've moved the portion on the changes in Ubin Green House to a new post due to the interest in it and information shared about it]

Today, Ivan, Pei Yan and I sure had lots of fun sharing Chek Jawa with enthusiastic kids and families.

Come join the Naked Hermit Crabs at these upcoming walks! Our walks are FREE and we love kids and families.

20 Apr (Sat): 5pm - FREE guided evening walk at the Pasir Ris mangrove boardwalk more details and online registration.

4 May (Sat): 9.30am - FREE guided morning walk at the Chek Jawa boardwalk more details and online registration.

Check out Pei Yan's blog and the Naked Hermit Crab blog for more fun happenings during today's walk.


  1. That's so awesome. I always want to get a photo of macaque eating crab.

    Ant-mimicking spiders seem to be very common in mangrove, don't know why... I also like to ask kids to guess what it is, then look at their O mouth when this "ant" jumps off my hand and hang in air. :-D

  2. Thanks Murphy for dropping by and sharing your tips on ant-spiders!



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