29 March 2012

MOS Tan Chuan-Jin dives reefs at Raffles Lighthouse

Thanks to NParks and the marine community, Minister Tan Chuan-Jin was introduced to some of Singapore's best reefs at Raffles Lighthouse!
Diving our wild reefs: MOS Tan Chuan-Jin (right most)
with NParks officers, photo by Neo Mei Lin.
I read all about it on Mei Lin's post on her Psychedelic Nature blog!

Besides Mei Lin, who was the designated blogger (hurray!), Zeehan Jaafar of the Blue Water Volunteers was also part of the team. The dive team enjoyed great visibility and saw lots of interesting marine life.

Mei Lin shares "One of the trip's aims is to show MOS Tan our coral reefs and its biodiversity. Raffles Lighthouse is one of Singapore's healthiest reefs and most representative example of rich biodiversity despite the prolonged impacts from sediments and coastal reclamation.".
A4 Poster: Raffles Lighthouse
The awesome reefs of Raffles Lighthouse can even be
explored by non-divers during low spring tide!
She highlights that these reefs are also "a long-running study research site for NUS" which includes studies of coral mass spawning in Singapore, Giant clam studies by Mei Lin with the highest giant clams per unit area, and many more. Raffles Lighthouse is also one of the many sites regularly monitored by ReefFriends of the Blue Water Volunteers.

Update 30 Mar: Minister Tan tweeted about his trip!
He also shared photos (taken by NParks) of his trip on facebook! WOW, they sure saw some amazing stuff underwater.

More about Raffles Lighthouse and some photos of marine life there taken without diving.
Raffles Lighthouse
This trip to Raffles Lighthouse is one of on-going efforts by NParks to share our shores with senior government officials, such as this trip with CEO NParks and this trip to five islands with a wide range of government officials.
Bravo to NParks and Mei Lin and Zeehan for sharing our shores!

More posts about this trip
  • MOS Tan added a video clip of the dive.
  • Mei Lin added a photo blog with photos by Collin Tong and Lim Liang Jim.

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