06 March 2012

Ubin Expedition with the Mega Marine Survey: Day 1

Today I spent a long but exciting day at the first Expedition of the Mega Marine Survey!
Here's Bryan, the muddiest of us all, leading the Mud Squad back after our usual mudflat survey. But today, we are doing a LOT more!

Today is the first time we are dredging for the Mega Marine Survey!
We have some cool equipment like a foldable boat!! Here's what it looks like all folded up.
And in a few minutes, it's a boat!!
A critical part of a proper Expedition is a Sorting Team. Here they are hard at work on what the dredging team have taken. What have they found?
Wow, fishes, crabs, feather stars, brittle stars, sea stars, sea urchins, clams, sponges, and a whole lot more strange and weird animals!
More gruesome and fun details of this First Expedition on the Mega Marine Survey blog!

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