21 February 2012

Anemones on mangrove roots at Pasir Ris Park!

I noticed sea anemones on the mangrove pencil roots during the Mega Marine Survey at Sungei Api Api today.
How intriguing! A few of us take a closer look at them.

The anemones were small (less than 1cm in diameter) and attached on the mangrove root at the level of the mud.
Here's a closer look at it.
Another one.
Here's one still attached to the root, after I removed the mud around the root.
And a closer look at it. I have no idea what they are! Which is the whole purpose of a Survey. So we can collect specimens of these intriguing creatures and have experts figure them out.
Rene later shared some great photos of these anemones relaxed with their tentacles out!
Photo by Rene Ong.
There were also lots of colourful crabs among the mangrove roots!
These two crabs were in mating position, but quickly separated when I tried to take a photo of them.
Sungei Api Api is a special example of how mangroves were allowed to grow into a waterway. All the way up to where the HDB flats are!
Mangroves at Sungei Api Api next to HDB flats
The mangroves lining Sungei Api Api were part of a conscious decision by NParks to re- establish the original mangrove habitat there after reclamation at Pasir Ris and works to deepen the Sungei. The restoration of mangroves here was also part of Dr John Yong's effort, 'his dream' he says, to actively replant mangroves, especially endangered species. The experience in this experiment was not only applied to Sungei Tampines which lies nearby, but also to mangrove restoration at Pulau Semakau!

More about Sungei Api Api and some of the threats these mangroves face.

More about the Mega Marine Survey. To join,
register your interest in this form and you'll be invited to join the mailing list to receive updates on the Survey and sign up for Survey activities.

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