20 February 2011

Chek Jawa after the Flood: first impressions

Rene shared on her facebook page Naturely Curious about her first visit to Chek Jawa after the recent floods in Johor.
Rene was guiding at Chek Jawa so she couldn't take many photos. Here's some of her impressions.

This trip simply feels weird... not only it was a hot day, the sky was super clear, so much so we have a fantastic, clear view of the other shores (I didn't have my long lens with me, so couldn't take any pictures)... and the mudflat seems different.... unfortunately I do not have any past photos of this sketch of mudflat for comparison... It was unusually quiet at the coastal boardwalk. I didn't heard any snapping shrimps!!! The fiddler crabs weren't as much as before as well...

Much fewer marine life were seen. We have the usual residents, the various sea cucumbers, one common sea star, 2 sand stars, 1 mantis shrimp, hermit crabs... NO sand dollar... no cowries, few bivalves, didn't even see a single live Noble Volute...very few carpet anemones (seen about 3 small ones only)... Thankfully, there was a Knobbly Sea star!
Visit Rene's Naturely Curious facebook page for more.

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