21 January 2011

30 Jan (Sun): For kids - Seashore Study at Chek Jawa

Discover more about our precious, wild seashores! With another great Cicada Tree Eco Place programme specially for kids!
What does Tanjung Chek Jawa mean in Malay?

How does the geography of Chek Jawa make it suitable for plants and animals to live there?

What types of ecosystems are found together at Chek Jawa?

What kinds of plants and animals live in these different ecosystems?

What can I do to help protect and conserve Chek Jawa for future generations?

Suitable for kids 10 years and above.

To register, email Celine Low at contact@cicadatree.org.sg giving participant's name, age and your mobile no.

This outdoor learning lesson is the first of a series of seashore study lessons offered by Cicada Tree Eco-Place this quarter.

Time: 2-5pm
Cost: $15 per kid (with maximum of 2 adults accompanying each kid at no charge). (Cost excludes the bumboat ride to Pulau Ubin and mini-bus ride to Chek Jawa. The bumboat ride is $2.50 per person one way. The mini-bus ride is $4 return per person to and from the main village. Transport costs are to be settled with the transport operators yourselves.)
Website and contact: http://www.cicadatree.org.sg/

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