27 November 2009

28 Nov (Sat) is Buy Nothing Day

As climate change grows more ominous and capitalism rages on unchecked, we must rethink our excessive consumption habits. For one day, let’s stop turning a blind eye and stare this problem dead in the face.

On 28 Nov, take the personal challenge: lock up your debit card, your credit cards, your money clip and see what it feels like to opt out of consumer culture completely, even if only for 24 hours. Like the millions of people who have participated in this consumer fast before you, you may be rewarded with a life-changing epiphany.

So says the Buy Nothing Day facebook group run by Adbusters. The comments on the facebook group however suggests a strong backlash from consumers.

See also their website.

Then there's this article "The ultimate Christmas gift? Buy nothing" by Reverend Billy Talen head of The Church of Life After Shopping on guardian.co.uk 26 Nov 09. Full article on the wildsingapore news blog.

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