24 September 2009

Coastal forest at Marina at Keppel Bay

I was back at Marina at Keppel Bay today. This time to have a look at the coastal forest in the Marina.
Prof Hugh Tan graciously agreed to have a look at the site and see how we can learn more and do more for the native plant situation there.

While the northern side of the island was mostly covered with Acacia, a rather invasive exotic, the southern side seems to have some interesting native plants. It is fringed by a manicured portion planted with many exotics.
But up on the slope there were some old trees and what seems to be interesting plants.
Who knows what we might find up there!
This is the view of Keppel Island on Google Earth. It looks like an old version before the Marina was built (about two years ago).
Here's a closer look at the island. The northern portion has a uniform look and suggests that the Acacia were already there since the island was a shipyard. The more diverse portion is probably the coastal forest that remains today.
These are the photos of the old Keppel Island from the Marina at Keppel Bay website. The forested portion looks very small in these photos.
It will be exciting to have a closer look at this forested area!

It's wonderful that Mr Francis Olsen of the Marina is so open and encouraging about discussing options to conserve the native plants found there. And possibly even replanting the Acacia area with native plants!

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