18 August 2009

New group to encourage responsible fishing in Singapore

Tired of fishermen abusing our waterways, a group of ordinary people have come together to form GARS.
The Society did a little 'roadshow' next to one of our 'rivers' to show local fishermen how to fish in a friendly manner. Starting with how to make a lure!

And how to use these lures. Without hurting the waters or passers-by.
Besides sharing their ideas about better fishing, the team also did some cleanup along the shoreline. They also observed the collection of waterweeds and commented on the impact this has on the fish population.

The Gamefish & Aquatic Rehabilitation Society is dedicated to the conservation and protection of Singapore's gamefishes and aquatic habitat.

In their brand new blog Fish, Respect And Protect, they outline their cause.

Among their challenges: "Our world faces new challenges, in the face of concrete and skyscrapers. Nylon nets, choking plastic and sewage. It calls for a new breed of fishermen, naturalists and the ordinary person on the street to help save these waters from virtual extinction."

Tan Tien Yun, the group's leader, has already been speaking up about abandoned fishing lines in the Straits Times article "Saving birds from careless anglers" on 11 Jul 09.

Drop by their blog to find out more about what they do, and join their cause.

According to the blog, "the outreach is a weekly affair. To find out more about the clinics and locations, please pop down to Coho Fishing Tackle at 14 Bali Lane, Singapore 189850 and register. We will call participants one day before to reconfirm the attendance."


  1. Thank you Ria for you kind support and advices. You were one of the keys that brought the Society up from its difficult birth.

    The River fly talks were a very productive one, with the speaker offering support for our society and Dept of Biological Sciences keen on some of the ideas we have put forward. NParks expressed interest in establishing dialogue with us in conjunction with RMBR and PUB, and well, we'll see how far we'll go.

    Once again, thanks again for your experiences and influences for giving us environmentally conscious anglers a second chance to prove ourselves as worthy allies for the cause.

    TY Tan
    Executive Committee 2009
    Gamefish & Aquatic Rehabilitation Society

  2. Hey, glad to have been of some help to your much-needed initiative. Wonderful to hear of the growing interest and support in your worthy effort. Bravo for stepping up to this challenging task!



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