14 July 2009

New records of surf clams at East Coast Park

Often dismissed as dead because it is a reclaimed shore, East Coast Park is quite alive!
Wong Hoong Wei has published yet another paper identifying 15 species of surf clams of which 8 are new records for Singapore!

Surf or trough clams belong to the Family Matricidae. Some have plain smooth shells in shades of white, pink and lilac that are sometimes seen washed ashore. Others have ridged shells and some can be quite large.

There's lots of details and photos of shells and living clams in Wong Hoong Wei's paper on the Nature in Singapore website.

The Mactridae (Mollusca: Bivalvia) of East Coast Park, Singapore. H. W. Wong. Pp. 283–296. [PDF, 1.10 MB]

More about East Coast Park, some of the marine life encountered there and threats to this shore.

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