15 March 2009

wildsingapore photos on iNaturalist.org

My photos on wildsingapore flickr have been posted to iNaturalist.org!
It is a place where "you can record what you see in nature, meet other nature lovers, and learn about the natural world."

What a delightful surprise to receive a flickr message from Ken-ichi who says "Hi, just thought I'd let you know we're using this as the default image of Dendrodoris fumata over at iNaturalist.org. Thanks for releasing it under a Creative Commons license!"
When I visited the site, I was delighted to see many of the wildsingapore flickr photos used for the site. It's nice to know the photos came in useful!

Once you sign up as a member, you can link your flickr account to the site, so that you can "add multiple photos to your obeservations, and setup auto-importing of observations from Flickr". If you use the 'Import' button, you can upload some of the entries for your flickr photo, but only one photo at a time, it seems. It doesn't seem to pick up your flickr tags though. Or maybe I'm just not doing it right.

There's a promising section is called "ID Please!" where you can ask for help to ID your photos. This should come in handy for lots of us who see stuff we have no idea about.

There's some writeups about the taxonomic groups, plus links to all kinds of resources. And lots of other features too. I'll probably need to explore these slowly, and when I'm not totally whacked out from back-to-back field trips.

I think it's a great effort! I know some of us have been trying to develop something like this for Singapore. So this is a great platform to try out and support.

Try it out for yourself!

More about iNaturalist.org: iNaturalist.org encourages the participation of all nature enthusiasts, including, but not exclusive to, hikers, hunters, birders, beach combers, mushroom foragers, park rangers, ecologists, and fishermen. Through these different perceptions and expertise of the natural world, we hope to create extensive community awareness of local biodiversity. This site combines common web technologies to provide a fun and efficient way to record, find, and share nature observations. It also provides forums and community spaces for nature enthusiasts to interact and meet others with similar interests. Through fostering these nature observations and communities, we hope to encourage further exploration and appreciation of our local environments.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ria,

    Good on you! This will hopefully let even more people know about the biodiversity of Singapore.

    By the way, I just met a Singaporean student here, who is studying conservation biology!



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