08 November 2008

Echinoderm Excess: madness at first nature guides' workshop

What is the ultimate echinoderm? We found out last night at the Workshop for Nature Guides conducted by the Leafmonkey Workshop.

A motley bunch of nature guides and interested nature lovers gathered for the first Workshop for Nature guides, to learn more about echinoderms. After a quick introduction to the basic 'specifications' of echinoderms, there was a lively discussion on how best to introduce echinoderms to ordinary people.

One of the tasks was to share at least one corny joke. And the participants sure came up with lots of 'fall-off-the-chair' jokes and riddles. One joke, (to do with the long black sea cucumber) was rated triple X and RA. Too late, we noticed the presence of our youngest guide, Brendon in the room. Jeffrey tried to cover his ears to no avail.

Then it was time for the 'Weird Echinoderm' segment.Here's the Culcita team building the Ultimate Echinoderm.
And Team BLO (Black long object) with their ingenious echinoderm (it's a tool using creature).It seems the team has already been busy creating sea creatures during the earlier portion of the workshop. Creating miniature anatomically correct marine creatures.
The Stingrays made this towering holothurianish thingie.And the Garlic Bread team compiled a commensalish asteroid with assorted associated critters. A cute and colourful compilation.Meanwhile, Team Knobbly is creating a nudibranch mimic or it is a holothurian mimic.We had lots of fun when it came to describing the echinoderm features of each of these creations.And the winner, by public acclamation is Team Culcita, here at the front of the photo, with everyone else all around them!

I had a great time at the workshop and am looking forward to the upcoming workshops.

5 Dec 2008 (Fri) 7-10pm
The "Easy" Cnidarians workshop
by Ria Tan, WildSingapore
-- Soft corals, anemones, etc.
more details and registration on the Leafmonkey Workshop blog

9 Jan 2008 (Fri) 7-10pm
The "Hard" Cnidarians workshop
by Jeffrey Low, BlueWaterVolunteers / NParks
-- Hard corals

6 Feb 2008 (Fri) 7-10pm
The "Fishy" workshop
by Jeffrey Low, BlueWaterVolunteers / NParks
-- Fish and more fish

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  1. i think they were the BPO - black phallic object - group :P



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