19 September 2008

Singapore at 7 metre sea level rise

Will anything be left of our tiny little island? Any bits sticking out? For practical Singaporeans, this information might be useful in guiding property purchase decisions...

Peizee shares a map based on a study of the impact of a 7 metre sea level rise, and some thoughts about the issue on her blooooooooooo blog.

Here's a map from the Sea Level Rise Explorer
More maps
  • Flood maps simulates submergence at various levels of sea rise from +1m to +14m. Here is the map for Singapore at +7m
  • Hazard sites to consider on the spatial world blog with links to other sites with maps of flooding, fires, terrorism, hurricanes and other unpleasant things that could happen.

See also earlier post about Singapore and rising sea levels discussed in Parliament.


  1. Singapore is a special coast line country as it is safe,good,peace,low unemployment and it is a good county and advance,good education schools high standards of living and low risk of seal level (6metres)above sea level except beach 0.5~1.25m above sea level and it is surrounded with deep sea so no threads of sea level stay in singapore in peace ^^

  2. Singapore safest coastline cities in the world and almost all also best go reserch your owneslf ^^

  3. I am curious about this because with Singapore's dedication to urban planning and development if this did happen, they would probably find a solution



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