22 September 2008

Mystery Singapore sea cucumber identified

Robin shares that this sea cucumber we saw on Changi is Holothuria notabilis. Thanks Robin for the ID!
Unidentified sea cucumber
It is among the sea cucumbers harvested for food in Madagascar.

Here's a closer look at it.
Holothuria notabilis
It had a distinct underside; flatter and more plain.

This sea cucumber was also seen on Cyrene Reefs in July.
Unidentified sea cucumber
Both the Changi and Cyrene sea cucumbers were found buried in sand at the mid-water mark near seagrasses, with only a little bit of their body sticking out.

It was also seen at Chek Jawa as shared by Kok Sheng on his wonderful creations blog.

According to the UNEP-WCMC website (United Nations Environment Programme and World Conservation Monitoring Centre), the distribution of this sea cucumber is Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.So it might be a new record for Singapore! We'll await further news from the experts.

And we'll keep looking carefully to find more of Singapore's little known marine life.

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