19 May 2019

Wild fun for kids during the June school holidays!

Exciting nature activities specially for kids are lined up for the coming school holidays! Free fun ways to discover and enjoy Singapore's biodiversity! Come for the Chek Jawa Open House, Festival of Biodiversity, Ubin Day.
Balik Chek Jawa for Pesta Ubin 2018
Come for the once-a-year Pesta Ubin, Pulau Ubin Open House: 18 May to 30 Jun. Lots of nature activities, for families and some specially for kids. Many Pesta Ubin activities are free of charge. Some do NOT require registration. Simply come to Pulau Ubin and join the fun! Find a Pesta Ubin activity that suits your schedule and interest! Don't say Bo Jio!

FREE activities

25 May (Sat): Free Pasir Ris Mangrove boardwalk tour with the Naked Hermit Crabs
Specially for kids and families, explore Pasir Ris mangroves with volunteer nature guides from the Naked Hermit Crabs on this FREE guided tour of the boardwalk!
Families at Pasir Ris mangrove boardwalk

25 and 26 May (Sat, Sun): Festival of Biodiversity
This event celebrates Singapore's natural heritage and in doing so, we hope to bring about greater awareness of the biodiversity that Singapore has. Visitors can look forward to a range of fun workshops and activities for all ages and interactive exhibits at this year's Festival.

2 Jun (Sun): FREE Balik Chek Jawa
Specially for Pesta Ubin 2019! Chek Jawa Open House! Volunteer guides will be stationed all over the boardwalk to share about Chek Jawa's amazing heritage and wildlife. Great for the family and those who want a closer look at this precious shore that was nearly lost to reclamation. FREE, no registration required, just come to Chek Jawa!
Chek Jawa boardwalk tour with the Naked Hermit Crabs

22 Jun (Sat): Croc Talk at Sungei Buloh
Learn all about the Estuarine Crocodiles that bask in the Reserve with Bernard, an SBWR volunteer with a keen interest in our reptilian friend! Do drop by to have a chat with Bernard and learn fascinating information about the crocodiles – such as their characteristics and behaviour, and observe them as they go about their daily business.

25 May (Sat) and 1 Jun (Sat) and 8 Jun (Sat) and 15 Jun (Sat) and 22 Jun (Sat) and 29 Jun (Sat): Ecolife Tour at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
This FREE family tour introduces Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and its biodiversity through the use of interactive exploration themes and activities. Have fun working together to answer worksheets, conduct surveys and photo hunts, among other activities.

29 Jun (Sat): Ubin Day
The Grand Finale of Pesta Ubin 2019! Come to the Assembly Area for booths and activities by passionate Ubin interest groups, kids activities and more! Something for everyone! All are welcomed! No registration required, just come to Pulau Ubin to join the fun.

MORE activities

1 Jun (Sat): Young Naturalist Camp at Sungei Buloh
This one-day camp encompasses a series of fun-filled and educational indoor and outdoor learning of the wetlands and nature conservation issues through worksheets, nature walks and hands-on activities. $5 registration fee and participants to purchase the Young Naturalist Passport at 50cents.

1 Jun (Sat): Dragons and Damsels in Our Wetlands - a guided tour for kids
Did you know that dragonflies are among one of the most ancient winged insects in the world? Learn how the plants and animals have adapted to this wetland habitat, discover the differences between dragonflies and damselflies, and challenge yourself to identifying the many species of ‘dragons’ and ‘damsels’ that can be found here! $6 per child and $6 per accompanying adult

8 Jun (Sat): NSS Kids' Fun with Marine Life at Changi Beach
Join Uncle Marcus Ng and Auntie Lena Chow as they unveil the living treasures of Changi Beach in our exploratory inter-tidal walk. Expect to see colourful sea cucumbers, sea stars and more. $2 per child, Non-Member: $10 per child.

8 Jun (Sat): Sara Goes To The Supermarket Garden - Guided tour for kids
Sara, with her siblings and friends, visit the Supermarket Garden in the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. Learn fascinating facts and hear interesting stories about the banana, peanut, soya bean, sugarcane, sweet potato and many more yummy fruits and vegetables in this special garden. Alongside learning about nutritious and delicious plants, participants will also have the opportunity to grow their own edible sprouts to bring home. $9 per child (includes $3.00 “Sara Goes to the Supermarket Garden’ workbook) and $6 per accompanying adult.

11 Jun (Tue): Adventures with Sara - Mama's Birthday Present (Mandarin) 妈妈的生日礼物 (A Guided Tour)
Sara the Botanicosaurus has forgotten her Mama’s birthday. Her friends, Twitchy and Flufftail, are helping Sara to search for a special gift for Mama around the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. Join Sara and her friends on an adventure to search for this special birthday present! This tour will be conducted in Mandarin. 今天是妈妈的生日! 但是小恐龙忘了为妈妈准备生日礼物。小恐龙非常难过。小松鼠听说在雅格巴拉斯儿童花园里有一份特别的礼物。随小恐龙和小松鼠一同寻找一份特别的礼物送给妈妈。$6 per child and $6 per accompanying adult

14 Jun (Fri) and 21 Jun (Fri): Nature Keeper Camp for kids
Designed to stimulate the interest of the young and inculcate in them an appreciation of our forests. This one-day Nature Keeper Camp aims to nurture young minds in active protection and conservation of our natural heritage. $25 per child (including halal lunch, afternoon tea-break and all craft materials)

25 Jun (Tue): Sara the Forgetful Dinosaur - Children's guided treasure hunt
A giant forgetful prehistoric dinosaur has left its eggs in the Singapore Botanic Gardens! Children will discover some interesting members of the plant kindgom in this guided tour ending in a treasure hunt. $8.50 per child (includes $2.50 "Sara, The Forgetful Dinosaur" Workbook) and $6 per accompanying adult.

You can also explore on your own!

Check out the many DIY Trail Guides on the NParks website. More about our wild places on wildsingapore. A tip to avoid the crowds on school holiday weekends, come early. That's when wildlife is more active anyway. And leave before it gets too hot.

MORE school holiday activities on the wildsingapore happenings blog.

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