06 February 2012

Our Southern Islands featured in Singapore magazine!

Thanks to Jacqueline Chow, I learnt that our beautiful Southern Islands were featured in Singapore, a magazine of the Singapore International Foundation.
What a gorgeous article highlighting all my favourite islands!

The article highlights the many things to see and do on various islands, as well as their heritage and the sea legends associated with them.
There are links to more on how to get there, and also to sites with more information. Including those on wildsingapore. What a great use of my photos, which you can view and download for free on wildsingapore flickr.

The Singapore magazine is a quarterly lifestyle magazine published by the Singapore International Foundation. It features stories of people from all walks in Singapore and cover news and trends in lifestyle, society, and more. The magazine is targeted at Singaporeans abroad. The section Island Gems have featured some of our other nature places too.

How wonderful to know that there are these efforts to raise awareness of our wild places!

Thanks Jac for the alert on the article and for sending me the softcopy!

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