20 October 2011

Sea barriers at Western Catchment shoreline

More sea barriers will be constructed, this time in front of the mangroves and shores of the Western Catchment area. Will this be done properly?
Media articles recently reported that the Police Coast Guard was "grossly overcharged" for the construction of sea barriers and repair of coastal barriers. The Auditor-General's Office found "pervasive" lapses and "irregularities at every stage of the projects". The Commercial Affairs Department has also commenced investigations against the project manager from the project management company for possible falsification of survey reports and other documents. Police has also commenced internal investigations into possible lapses by its staff.

Do these sea barriers actually work?

Here's an earlier post I did on Fences and barriers on our shores: do they work?

Construction of Sea Barrier in the West Johor Straits
from Port Marine Notice No. 143 of 2011 dated 19 Oct 2011

With effect from 02 Nov 11 to 02 Dec 11. 24hrs daily excluding Sundays and Public Holidays.West Reach and its vicinity (see attached chartlet, above):

The construction works will involve installation of marker buoys with sinkers and HDPE drums linked up with stainless steel chain. Safety boats will be deployed in the vicinity to warn other craft to keep clear of the working areas. Further general enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr Derian Quek, the project manager at Tel: 9839 9659 (email: derian@hsl.com.sg).

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