06 September 2008

New Sentosa shore attractions in 2009

Just announced, "a water sports centre, with a fleet of charter boats" and "a S$15 million simulated wave surfing facility, where surfers can ride a 10-foot barrelling wave" at Siloso Beach.
map from the Sentosa website

The "ka-ching" effect? "the new attractions and the opening of the integrated resort is expected to double the number of visitors annually" from 6.1-6.2 million a year to as high as 15 million by the year 2015.

Also reported, Sentosa will launch a new 10-year masterplan for the development of the island at the end of this year. The last masterplan was completed earlier this year.

From the sentosa corporate site:
By 2010 when its S$12-billion ten-year strategic masterplan is completed ahead of schedule, the island will bring Singapore closer to the realization of the country's Tourism 2015 target of attracting 17 million tourists and generating S$30 billion in revenue. Sentosa will also have more than 10,000 residents living in 2,500 luxurious Sentosa Cove homes. By then, a projected workforce of about 16,000 will be committed to provide unique and memorable experiences to our guests.

The Sentosa offering will be enhanced and strengthened with the addition of South East Asia's first Universal Studios theme park built within the S$5.75-billion Resorts World at Sentosa development. Sentosa expects to make more than S$3 billion in revenues with this mega development as well as progressive developments in our services, accommodations, events and attractions.
The Today newspaper asked the new chief executive of Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC), Mike Barclay:
Will the changing visitor demographics — a higher-end crowd — transform the essence of Sentosa, long the laid-back getaway for Singapore's families and students?

What of some concerns that parts of the island might be set aside for access only by the rich and privileged, when Resorts World opens its doors?

Mr Barclay gave his assurance that the only thing that will change is the look of the place, not the feel.

He also said that SDC will engage all stakeholders in discussions before any developments are built, adding that he has arranged to meet residents of Sentosa Cove next week.

Various corners of the island will be differentiated with their own distinct character, he added, to cater to the needs of different people. “There will be focused areas for play, like the beaches; some areas will be relatively untouched and unspoilt; and others will be quieter and more contemplative,” he said.

For instance, the amount of greenery on the island will not be disturbed. Sentosa has also started a programme involving nine primary schools, where students come in to learn about nature and help with conservation efforts.
There were no further details on these issues on the sentosa website as of this morning.

Some Background: Sentosa manages these Southern Islands of Singapore: Sentosa Island, Kusu Island, Seringat-Kias and Lazarus, St. John's Island, Sisters Islands, Pulau Jong and Pulau Hantu.Sentosa has some natural shores left that are still teeming with marine life. So much so that public walks are conducted on these shores by the Naked Hermit Crabs, and the seagrass meadows on this shore is one of the sites monitored by TeamSeagrass.

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