16 October 2012

20 Oct (Sat): Public forum on Bukit Brown and on wild pigs in Singapore

Dr Shawn Lum will lead on "Bukit Brown Cemetery: Signs of a New Conservation Ethos in Singapore?" while Mr N Sivasothi will raise the issue of "Wild Pigs in Singapore: A Conservation Dilemma?" at the Public Forum on Conservation in Singapore hosted by the Singapore Institute of Biology.
Admission is free!

Public Forum on Conservation in Singapore

Date: 20 Oct (Sat)
Time: 8-11.30am
Venue: Maxwell Auditorium, Science Centre Singapore, 15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081
Website: http://www.sibiol.org.sg/

Admission is FREE! Pre-registration is required online


0830 – 0900
Registration of members/participants (entrance of Science Centre Singapore)

0900 – 0945
Mr N Sivasothi (Department of Biological Sciences, NUS)
Wild Pigs in Singapore: A Conservation Dilemma?
When the National Parks Board of Singapore (NParks) announced that it was considering culling to manage the wild pig population in Singapore, members of the public raised their concern. The issue was discussed vigorously over the online and print media. Despite support from academia and the provision of scientific evidence for the NParks decision, much confusion still exists among netizens. This talk will explore recent scientific data collected on wild pig populations in Singapore, and present a management perspective on this controversial issue.

0945 – 1015
Coffee Break

1015 – 1100
Dr Shawn Lum (President, Nature Society Singapore)
Bukit Brown Cemetery: Signs of a New Conservation Ethos in Singapore?
The past year has seen a considerable interest in the Bukit Brown Cemetery, for many years a tranquil spot that was enlivened only occasionally by horse riders, nature enthusiasts, and seasonal visitors paying their respects to ancestors. The announcement of plans to build an eight-lane thoroughfare through the cemetery stirred an animated discussion seldom before witnessed in Singapore. Does the Bukit Brown episode herald the start of a new conservation dynamic in Singapore, or might this have been a one-off episode? What might have accounted for the lively exchange of views, and how did Nature feature in the discussions?

1100 – 1130
Q & A Session

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