29 May 2012

2 Jun (Sat): FREE Pasir Ris Mangrove boardwalk tour with the Naked Hermit Crabs

Specially for kids and the family! Come explore the Pasir Ris mangrove boardwalk this weekend with the Naked Hermit Crabs! There's lots to see: cute crabs, naughty mudskippers, huge herons and slithery snakes!
Liam (12 and a half) and Skylar (9 and a half) shared this lovely drawing of what the Crabs did and saw during their walk on 17 Mar.
Naked Hermit Crabs Guestbook (Pasir Ris 17 Mar 2012)
This FREE walk is available on 2 June (Sat) as well as on 30 June (Sat).

The Naked Hermit Crabs welcome small family and friend groups. And love kids!

This walk is FREE!

This walk will be held on these dates
2 June (Sat)
30 June (Sat)

Please register your interest in this online form. The Crabs will send a confirmation note when they receive your registration.

Time: 5pm. The tour should end at around 6.30pm, just before sunset.
Meeting point: Pasir Ris Park, Carpark C, meet near the first toilets nearest the entrance to the carpark. The meeting point is a short stroll from the Pasir Ris MRT station. Pasir Ris is a very long park with many carparks from A to E. Do look at the map to be sure you are heading for the correct carpark, Carpark C.

What can we see at Pasir Ris? And more FAQs and other details about the walk.

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