18 June 2010

"Pulau Ubin, Singapore's Nature Reserve"

Enthusiastic students from Hwa Chong Institution want Pulau Ubin to be given a Nature Reserve status! They have started a website "Pulau Ubin, Singapore's Nature Reserve" to promote Pulau Ubin as an attractive leisure destination.
As well as a facebook group for those who wish Pulau Ubin be given a nature reserve status!

Their website has useful information on how to get to Ubin, as well as recommended itineraries for a half day, full day or two day stay on Ubin. And write ups of 'must-see' places on Pulau Ubin as well as a video clip and slideshows of photos of Ubin.

They have also come up with an awesome pamphlet on Pulau Ubin! You can download the pamphlet from their website.
Drop by their website and their facebook group. Share your thoughts and helpful comments! I am sure the team will appreciate your support.

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