23 May 2010

BiodiverCity photos: vote for our shore biodiversity!

The BiodiverCity photo competition is over but you can still win prizes by voting for your favourite photo!
Vote for your favourite photos and you could win iPod and other prizes.

There's lots of wonderful marinelife photos to choose from! From this wonderful shot of the special Pentaceraster sea star on Cyrene Reef by Kevin Lam.

A delightful shot of a swimming crab on Pulau Hantu.
And even warm-blooded mammals on our shores! To get a larger view of the thumbnail, mouse over the thumbnail and then click on the title of the photo.
Be sure to scroll up or down (arrows on horizontal bar) to view all the photo choices.
The big winner of the competition is Singapore's biodiversity! Winning and other entries will be featured in an exhibition that allow more to know and care about the rich variety of animals and plants in Singapore.

The exhibition features 55 print photographs and a slide show of another 100 photographs. The slide show will be featured in a specially constructed darkroom, where public can view mammals, insects, marine life and birds amidst nature sounds, right in the heart of Singapore's busiest shopping street. They were selected from 2,200 entries.

The exhibition located outside Mandarin Gallery. Covering over 360 square metres in area, it is the one of the largest nature photo exhibition organised in downtown Orchard. The exhibition is open from 7.00am to 10.00pm daily for four weeks, till 20 June 2010. It will subsequently rove to the World Cities Summit at the Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre (28 June to 1 July) as well as to parks in Singapore.

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