01 November 2009

Trashing the trash at Pulau Semakau

The Navy comes to the rescue! 96 strong men of the Singapore Navy’s Naval Diving Unit came on 30 Oct to clear the horrendous trash build up on the remote shores of Pulau Semakau.
Their Project Eco-Frog was a great success!

Hopefully, it will become a regular feature to finally get some traction on the seemingly insurmountable problem of trash that floats in from the open sea onto the natural shores of Pulau Semaku (the trash does not come from the landfill, which is well operated and does not impact the natural areas).

With inflatable zodiacs and other cool stuff, the Naval Diving Unit volunteers made quick work of the trashline on the high water mark, as well as dived to check out for underwater rubbish.
Check out those zodiacs!! Wow, wish we had one of those for our field trips. That would be awesome.

Andy was with them to document as well as advise on the operation. Read his full story on the News from the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore blog!

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